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Work Package 4 - Development of the Training Content (Modules)

Work package aims:

- Update and adaptation of the e-learning contents transferred from the text-e project regarding E-Trade, Payment Methods, Negotiations and Contracts and Export Market Research in the specificities of each country and the specificities of the target group.

- Development of new e-learning contents on modules that will be identified after the initial research in each country. A preliminary research performed before the submission of the proposal has identified as possible new modules the following: Preparing for an exhibition, Communication, International business cultures, Business planning, Export finance, Packing. However these have to be confirmed after the initial research.

- Preparation of an e-learning module where each partner will present the specific market conditions of its own country in order to facilitate the exports of its partner countries.


- The E-Learning methodology for the organization and presentation of the content will be developed on the basis of the results of WP2 on the pedagogies and learning cultures in the sector.

- The selection of the training modules that are going to be developed and of the training contents that have to be included in each module will be made on the basis of the results of WP2. Therefore this WP is completely interrelated with WP2.

- The project's partners, on the basis of their consultation with the target groups and of the results of WP2 will propose the contents (new and adaptations of existing) of the learning modules that will be produced.

- The WP coordinator will receive the feedback from the partners and will summarize the proposed contents in a document.

- If the partners agree with the adaptations and the new content, the WP coordinator is going to develop the training materials according to the e-learning methodology specified.

- P3 will present a first version of the e-learning modules (in English) to the project partners and receive feedback.

- P3 will modify the modules according to the feedback received.

- The new material is going to be translated in all partners' languages (GR, TR, ES, RO and LV).

- The final material (in all languages) is going to be uploaded in the project's e- learning platform. In order to do that there is an important milestone. There has to be accomplished activity 3.7 of WP3 (improvement of the platform). The e- learning contents will be uploaded in the e-learning platform which will be adapted according to the procedures mentioned in WP3.

- P1 will provide technical support in all the technical issues which may arise during the preparation of the e-learning material and the multimedia content and will also develop a simple serious game for the sector.

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