The Project

Work Package 7 - Quality Assurance - Evaluation

Work package aims:

- Evaluate the quality of the e-learning courses,
- Evaluate project's relevance, efficiency and impact,
- Measure progress throughout project,
- Determine if project responds to main target groups' needs,
- Measure project's results among participants,
- Determine how project impacts contribute to developing the community of beneficiaries,
- Evaluate unexpected results,
- Establish quality control indicators and processes.


For the first procedure, the methodological framework is the following:

At the beginning, the project partners are going to define the qualitative and quantitative standards for the quality of the material. These standards could be objective yes/no indicators such as: presence of multimedia features, presence of manual etc. or subjective indicators that are going to be defined during the feedback for the users (usefulness of the material, innovative character of the material etc.). At the piloting stage, all these criteria will be applied in order to measure effectively the quality of the learning material.

For the second procedure the methodological framework is the following:

At the beginning of the project, a quality assurance plan will be drafted which will include a series of measures designed to measure the level of quality of the developments at any time against the quality parameters established. This will enable project managers to respond appropriately and take action in line with the measures established in the project quality assurance plan. Also, an evaluation plan will be drafted. The partners and the stakeholders will be asked to fill in questionnaires and evaluation forms throughout the project and an interim and a final evaluation report will be prepared. The second procedure is more about the evaluation of the process of the project but it will be applied also to the other min results of the project (except the e-learning course)

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