The Project

Work Package 1 - Project Management

Work package aims:

- To coordinate and manage the development of the project
- To define the project strategies
- To monitor the development and the progress of the project in each phase
- To ensure the compliance with the work programme time schedules


- The tasks of each partner, the work schedule and the methodology of the work will be clearly defined by the beginning of the project through the drafting from the WP coordinator of a task planning document which will be used as a guide for the development of the project.

- The everyday management and coordination of the work, the monitoring of the work progress and the financial management will be realized through the project’s Extranet. The project's Extranet is a web based tool, which is going to be embedded in the project's website, where all the documents relevant to the project are going to be uploaded categorized in financial documents and documents related with the work programme. The 2nd category is going to be divided in different WPs. Through this existing system it will be done the monitoring of tasks and deadlines, of technical and scientific quality of work and the work progress as well as the administrative, legal, organizational and financial aspects. Each partner will upload throughout the project working documents, dissemination activities, presentations made in meetings, financial data etc.

- The transnational meetings will be the main tool for monitoring and coordination of work progress. 5 meetings will be organized until the end of the project. The project's coordinator will publish and distribute the meeting agenda enough time before the meeting to give time to the participants to get prepared. After the end of the meeting, the minutes of the meeting will be published and sent to each partner in order to have clear what was agreed in the meeting and how the project is going to proceed.

- Between the meetings, the project partners will meet virtually through the use of skype or teleconference systems every 2 months in order to discuss the development of the project and schedule the activities to follow.

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