CNIPMMR is the only employers’ confederation representing SMEs at national level, irrespective of their activity field. The key mission of CNIPMMR is to promote and protect the interests (economic, commercial, financial, juridical and of any other nature) of SMEs in Romania. Since 2002, CNIPMMR is implementing projects financed by UE, focused on supporting and developing the needs of SMEs. CNIPMMR was/is coordinator or partner within several projects financed by Leonardo da Vinci programme, PHARE or ESF funds. All these projects implemented by CNIPMMR are contributing to carry on its mission, which is to offer services to Romanian SMEs such as information, training and consultancy. CNIPMMR has a vast experience in implementing European projects and its portfolio includes over 35 European projects (since 2002).The experience related to the proposed project is the result of several projects carried out so far, concerning the human resources training in various fields.


Action Synergy

Action Synergy S.A. is an ICT R&D, training and knowledge- based applications organization which is actively involved in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses. Action Synergy S.A. disposes a long experience in the management and coordination of European Projects since its foundation in 1987 and it is currently coordinating 6 LLP projects. It has developed a big number of e-learning vocational training courses for a variety of target groups (including construction sector). Action Synergy’s S.A. key areas of expertise include: - Development of learning methodologies, Development of educational technologies, Development of e-learning and distance learning courses and modules, dissemination and valorisation of European projects, learning needs analysis, development of professional profiles and lists of skills and competencies, development of synergies at local, national and transnational level.


Chamber of Commerce in Evros

It is a legal entity of public law, is the mandatory association of all natural and legal persons engaged in trading activity in the county. Exercises public authority and it has a role as a consultative and advisory body that enables intervention in the relevant organs of state, aiming to address business problems and continuous development.

Supervised by the Ministry of Development, is a member of the Central Union of Greek Chambers (K.E.E.E.), the Greek Association of Chambers of Transportation (E.E.SY.M.) and the International Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, is a necessary and integral link between the relevant state authority and the member companies of the county - without though exercising trade union action.

It includes five sections: Export, Manufacturing, Trade, Services and Tourism and the number of active members to date is close to 8,000.


MAKRO Consult

MAKRO, is an international management consulting company established in 1984 and active in; business development services, promotion, internationalizarion and international trade, development and implementation of new and technology based investments, joint venture possibilities and mergers, entrepreneurship development, new business setup, training of business modelling and planning, financial management and entrepreneurship, with special interest in business development in the construction and tourism sectors.

MAKRO capabilities are management consulting services to SME`s in various industries including manufacturing, construction and tourism and in various regions, especially in less developed regions. The services offered to the SME’s are designed specifically in accordance with their needs for growth, internationalization and global competition.


Eurosuccess Consulting

Eurosuccess Consulting, through a dynamic team of young scientists provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern Cyprus enterprises especially on matters like innovation and technology. EUROSUCCESS identified, from the initial steps of its operations, the need for creating links between the Cyprus economy and the wider European market and put great emphasis on the exploitation of the potentials created by the accession of Cyprus in the European Union.

Today EUROSUCCESS offers a variety of services to the Public, as well as the Private sector of Cyprus. It has also started to actively participate in international schemes, through a well established network of partners abroad, based on the intense past experience of its founder.

EUROSUCCESS aims to a constant improvement of its offered services, as well the development of its team which will give the opportunity to enhance its scientific sector of expertise.


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is a non-governmental, voluntary organization uniting Latvian companies of different sectors. LCCI promotes favourable business environment, represents economic interests of Latvia’s enterprises and offers business promotion services. The Chamber is in constant dialogue with the central government institutions and local governments and is involved in developing proposals for commercial legislation.
LCCI has over 1000 active members in Latvia and 40 industry associations.

LCCI has a training centre, which provides information support and training in the form of courses, seminars and workshops, including VET staff and SMEs managers.

In the period from 2005 to 2010 LCCI has participated in over 30 international projects, related to mobility of entrepreneurs and SME managers, as well as VET staff; mentoring projects; training, intercultural communication, tolerance towards people from different cultures, etc.


Inercia Digital

Inercia Digital is an Spanish (Andalucian) company with outlets Europeanwide. Its main target is to contribute with innovative solutions to both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills for SMEs and entrepreneurs (e-learning on e-business).

We are located in the Scientific and Technological Park of Huelva. In addition, we offer some programmes and online courses specialised in both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills accessible through our Virtual Campus, which has been approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as a Virtual Training Centre for Employment .

Our training areas are highly specialised and designed to teach both SMEs and entrepreneurs how to be efficient on the Internet.

In cooperation with the Research Group GITICE (Technology of Information and Communication in SMEs of the University of Huelva), Inercia Digital develops the first Master's Degree in E-Business and Web Entrepreneurship of the International University of Andalusia.

We have at your disposal several courses specialised in the following training areas: e-business, web entrepreneurship and e-learning.


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