The Project

Work Package 6 - Training Sessions

Work package aims:

- To develop the skills and competencies of the participants in the piloting;
- To determine the short term impact of each of the results and / or products of the project during the development of the project, with the aim of taking necessary corrective action;
- To receive feedback from the target sector;
- To measure the effectiveness of the learning material and the platform in a large scale.


Piloting actions in all countries will have the following phases:

1. Contacts with the stakeholders and selection of the participants and tutors for the course. The participants in the courses should be staff working in SMEs or unemployed who wish to work in that field. Each partner who will organize the piloting will be responsible for the selection of the participants; however common criteria will be set in the guidelines' document. In theory, because of the flexibility of the e-learning courses, all the interested participants should be able to participate. The minimum number of participants from each country is 40. The online tutors will be selected by the partners on the basis of their experience in the field and on online tutoring. They will be trained in the e-learning methodology by the partners.

2. Familiarization of students and tutors with the e- learning platform and e-learning methodology. In the workshop for trainers, the tutors of the partner countries will gather, in the framework of a transnational meeting and will be trained by the responsible partners.

3. Organization of pilot e- learning courses. One pilot will be organized in each country.

4. At the end of the piloting phase, assessment will take place.

5. Receive of feedback according to processes defined by the WP coordinator.

6. Awarding of certificates to those who have completed the pilot courses successfully. The methodology of assessment and certification is going to be defined by the organization expert in the field (P2).

7. Corrective action in order to correct potential mistakes or weaknesses of the courses which will be spotted out by the participants.

At the beginning of the WP, the WP coordinator will develop a document that will provide basic guidelines for the organization of the piloting.

This WP is completely interrelated with WP5. Only when the e-learning material is finalized and the e-learning content is uploaded in the platform, the piloting phase can begin.

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