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ENPRO Engineering, Consulting Contracting and Foreign Trace Inc. (Turkey)

Being established in 2003, with ongoing or completed projects in over 10 countries in the world, ENPRO Incorporation in her headquarter building in Ankara successfully implemented flexible design, manufacturing and site erection works to meet customers' specific requirement with the most economical solution and in the shortest possible time. Such approach makes ENPRO a desirable choice for clients in "Power Generation" Industry.

Besides Engineering, Consulting, Manufacturing, Supply and contracting projects, ENPRO also acts as EPC contractor on Turnkey basis. From Conceptual design to detail Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Import, Exports and Logistics, Site Erection works and commissioning are in the scope of EPC.

You can watch the interview regarding the exporting activities of ENPRO below:


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Green OK (Latvia)

The Latvian Institute of Humic Substances Ltd (LHVI) was established in 2009 to research, develop and produce biologically active, human- and eco-friendly products using innovative technologies.

Our cavitation technology allows natural resources to be used much more efficiently and enables us to obtain ‘live‘ humic substances. Humate Green OK contains organic nutrients and natural beneficial microorganisms necessary for plant growth.

Together with internationally recognised organisations in Latvia, LHVI carried out research into the effectiveness of the humic concentrate used in Humate Green OK. Results confirm that Humate Green OK products, with microorganisms that occur naturally in the soil and improve plant growth, are extremely effective.

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Motoraid (Greece)

MotoRAID is involved since 2005 with the traveling equipment of the bike. Starting from a warehouse, it  is now based in Patras, and is the official representative and importer of a number of companies. The company started back at 2008 and 2009 with their first exports to retail customers on Europe, and then they got reached by a few foreign dealers in order to supply them as well.  Then, they managed to keep the ratio of export sales to a solid percentage.

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Thyratron Electronic Applications SA (Greece)

THYRATRON is an electronic applications company, that was founded in 1992. It is situated in Kydonies, Vasiliko Erymantos, in Achaia, Greece. Its main purpose is the research, development, manufacturing and trading of electronic apparatus and systems. The final products are checked by 100% so the customers are sure that the appliances are functioning well. 

You can watch thie video with the company representatives below:

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Tentoura Kastro Distilery (Greece)

“Tentoura Castro – G.P. Hahalis” is one of the most famous and traditional distilleries in the region of Patras, Greece. It is a family business which has its origins in Chios, in the 19th century. The company, which is a 100% Greek company, combines the traditional ways of producing alcoholic drinks (extraction, distillation) with a modern way of bottling, using the latest technology. The use of 100% natural extracts gives an excellent and distinctive quality not only to the Tentoura liqueur, which was for the first time brought to prominence by our company, but also to the rest of our spirits and liqueurs.

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